Serious about ice cream
Serious about ice cream

Spoilt for choice with our extensive range of irresistible Premium Dairy ice cream flavours, all lovingly made with fresh cream, real fruit, and the finest quality ingredients, with a selection of velvety flavours made with pure, indulgent clotted cream.

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Gluten Free
A creamy and luxurious vanilla ice cream speckled with real vanilla pods
Vanilla with Pods
Gluten Free
An indulgent luxury ice cream with deep, rich vanilla flavour and mixed with clotted cream and butter
Clotted Cream Vanilla
Gluten Free
Creamy melt-in-the-mouth chocolate flavoured ice cream with milk chocolate drops
Chunky Chocolate
Gluten Free
Luxury ice cream flavoured with 100% tangy strawberry juice and real strawberries
Gluten Free
Refreshingly minty ice cream scattered with plain dark chocolate chips
Mint Choc Chip
Gluten Free
Salted caramel luxury ice cream with sea salt butter croquantes. Magnificently moorish, sweet and sumptuous - you simply can't eat enough!
Salted Caramel
Gluten Free
Deliciously light and creamy toffee flavour luxury ice cream with crunchy honeycomb pieces
Gluten Free
Vanilla clotted cream with a blackcurrant ripple
Blackcurrants & Clotted Cream
Gluten Free
Luxury dairy ice cream with the warm flavours of real rum mixed with rum soaked raisins
Rum & Raisin
Gluten Free
Bright blue bubblegum flavour ice cream - a real favourite for the kids!
Blue Bubblegum
Gluten Free
Cherries & Custard
Cherries & Custard
Gluten Free
Tongue-tickling toffee flavoured ice cream packed with caramel fudge cubes
Toffee Fudge
Gluten Free
A national award-winning fruity raspberry flavoured sorbet made with real raspberries
Raspberry Sorbet
Gluten Free
National award-winning sorbet packed with pulped mango fruit for a truly tropical taste
Mango Sorbet
Popcorn flavoured dairy ice cream with Joe & Seph’s sticky toffee caramel sauce
Gluten Free
Vanilla flavoured dairy ice cream with a Raspberry Ripple
Raspberry Ripple
Dairy Ice cream with a Cherry Ripple, Chocolate Sponge and Milk Chocolate Shavings
Black Forest Gateaux
Gluten Free
Chocolate and Coconut Dairy Ice Cream
Chocolate & Coconut
Mint flavoured ice cream with Whitakers Mint Crisp Shards
Whitakers Mint Crisp
Orange flavoured dairy ice cream with Whitakers Orange Crisp Shards
Whitakers Orange Crisp
Gluten Free
Sorbet with Farmhouse Cider
Cornish Cider Sorbet
Gluten Free
An indulgent luxury , buttery ice cream mixed with clotted cream and oozing with real strawberries
Strawberries & Clotted Cream
Gluten Free
Luxury dairy ice cream flavoured with 100% raspberry juice and packed with raspberries and meringue pieces
Raspberry Pavlova
Gluten Free
Strawberry Ice Cream with Blueberry Ripple Sauce and Marshmallows
Gluten Free
A rich banana flavour ice cream rippled with creamy butterscotch sauce and butterscotch toffee pieces
Banoffee Crunch
Gluten Free
The distinctive flavour of Pistachio specked with nibbed pistachio nuts
Gluten Free
Chocolate non dairy frozen dessert
Vegan Chocolate
Gluten Free
Tropical tasting Coconut flavoured ice cream mixed together with delicious desiccated coconut
Gluten Free
Red orange sorbet
Blood Orange Sorbet
Gluten Free
A lemon juice flavoured sorbet that's utterly refreshing
Lemon Sorbet
Flat white ice cream made with Black & White coffee
B&W Flat White Coffee
Chocolate ice cream with Oreo crumb & marshmallows
Marshmallow Mudslide
Vanilla Flavoured Dairy Ice Cream with Oreo Crumb
Cookie Crumble
Peanut butter ice cream with chopped pieces of Reese's ® cups
Reese's ® Peanut Butter
Caramelised Biscuit Flavour Dairy Ice Cream with Caramelised Biscuit Crumb
Lotus Biscoff ®
Cinnamon Flavoured Dairy Ice Cream with Cinnamon Crunch
Cinnamon Crunch
An indulgent luxury, buttery ice cream mixed with clotted cream, a deep rich chocolate ripple sauce, and packed with cookie dough
Cookie Dough & Clotted Cream